Fellowship Program

Doctor with vial.

The Fellowship Program was started over 25 years ago, and 3 graduates successfully completed the program each year. The Program currently selects 4 graduates per year. The mandatory duration of the Program is 2 years with additional optional years.  The candidates for the Program should have completed 3 years of training in Internal Medicine from an ACGME accredited program.

The program is designed to prepare physicians for careers in academic medicine, hospital infection control/epidemiology and private practice.  The fellow is trained to be an expert in caring for patients with serious infections and to effectively communicate with physicians, other medical personnel and patients/their families.  Fund of medical knowledge, expertise in patient care and professionalism are given special attention.  The fellows will be able to investigate and evaluate their patient care practices, appraise and assimilate scientific evidence and improve their patient care practices.  The fellow acquires a working knowledge of antibiotics, antivirals and antifungals their pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics: epidemiology, diagnosis (including molecular techniques), therapy and prevention of infections in hospitalized patients, and patients in ambulatory settings.  Special areas of training include HIV/AIDS in ambulatory and inpatient settings, infections in compromised hosts (cancer/transplant), mycology, and infections in trauma victims and illicit drug users.

The fellows are encouraged to realize they are part of a larger health care system and they must be able to navigate through the system as a patient advocate.

Training Sites

  • Harper University Hospital
  • Hutzel Women's Hospital
  • Detroit Receiving Hospital
  • Karmanos Cancer Center
  • Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan
  • Veterans Administration Hospital
  • Children's Hospital
  • Henry Ford Hospital
  • Clinical Microbiology Laboratory, Detroit Medical Center

List of Teaching Faculty:

Faculty Special Areas
Patricia D. Brown, M.D. Urinary Tract Infections; Antimicrobial Resistance
Pranatharthi H. Chandrasekar, M.D. Bone Marrow Transplant/Cancer
Teena Chopra, M.D. Hospital Epidemiology/Infection Control
Jonathan A. Cohn, M.D. HIV/AIDS
Sorabh Dhar, M.D. Hospital Epidemiology/ Infection Control
Suganthini Krishnan, M.D. Mycology-Filamentous Fungi/ Aspergillus/Antifungal Resistance
Gretchen Newman, M.D. Infectious Diseases
Anvish Sandhu, D.O. Infection Control
Jack Sobel, M.D. Candida; Genito-Urinary Infection
Additional Faculty
George Alangaden, M.D. Solid Organ Transplant
Mayur Ramesh, M.D. Solid Organ Transplant
Micheal Rybak, PharmD  MRSA, VRE
Phillip Pellett, Ph.D. CMV, Herpesviruses